2008 58th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Reaction Engineering

Tuesday AM


Fluidization and Multi-Phase Flow 1

Organizer(s) - Poupak Mehrani, Arturo Macchi
Chair(s) - Xiaotao Bi, Ben Anthony

10:00 00298 Some Challenges Affecting the Design and Operation of Fluidized Bed Reactors Grace J.R.
10:40 00299 Modeling of Biomass Gasification in Rotating Fluidized Bed Abdollahi Neisiani M., *Chaouki J.
11:00 00300 Characterization of Ultrafine Powder Coatings Krantz M.J., Zhang H., *Zhu J.
11:20 00301 New On-line Technique of Determining Charge Build-Up in Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds Sowinski A., *Mehrani P.
11:40 00302 Minimum Fluidization Velocity of Three-Phase Cylindrical and Conical Fluidized Beds Zhou D, *Bi XT, Dong S, Wang HL
12:00 End of Session

RE1British Columbia

Catalysis 1

Organizer(s) - Poupak Mehrani, Bryce McGarvey
Chair(s) - Ajay Dalai, Bryce McGarvey

10:00 00303 Catalytic Properties of Nanocrystalline Perovskites Kaliaguine S.
10:40 00304 Modelling Isomerization of 6- to 5-Membered Rings on a Catalyst Surface Mackie I.D., $DiLabio G.A., *Govindhakannan J.
11:00 00305 Ni-Mo2C as an Alternative Catalyst for Selective Ring Opening of Decalin Kotikalapudi C., V S., *Dalai A.K.
11:20 00306 Me/zeolite Catalysts for the Hydroconversion of Aromatic Compounds *Galarraga C. E., $Pereira P. R., Molero H. M., Birss V.
11:40 00307 Carbon Formation on Ni/YSZ SOFC Anodes Exposed to H2-CO Mixtures Alzate Restrepo V., *Hill J.
12:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM


Fluidization and Multi-Phase Flow 2

Organizer(s) - Poupak Mehrani, Arturo Macchi
Chair(s) - Jamal Chaouki, Ibrahim Abba

13:40 00412 CFD Simulation of Bubble Column with Internals *$Laborde-Boutet C., Larachi F., Dromard N.
14:00 00413 Solid Suspension in Mechanically agitated vessels $Jafari R., Tanguy P. A., *Chaouki J.
14:20 00414 Comparision of Methanol Production in Membrane Dual-type Reactor(MR) and Fluidized-bed membrane Dual-type reactor(FBMR) Alizadehhesari K., *Rahimpour M.R.
14:40 End of Session

Wednesday AM


Catalysis 2

Organizer(s) - Poupak Mehrani, Bryce McGarvey
Chair(s) - Jacques Monnier, Ajay Dalai

10:00 00487 Sulphur Relese from Diesel Exhaust NOX Trap Catalysts Kisinger D., *$Epling W.
10:20 00488 Experimental Determination of Species Consumption in Diesel Oxidation Catalysts as a Function of Inlet Conditions Irani K., *$Epling W., Blint R.
10:40 00489 Experimental Study of the Kinetics of Methane Catalytic Cracking for H2 Production Amin A, Croiset E, Epling B
11:00 End of Session

Wednesday PM


Catalysis 3

Organizer(s) - Poupak Mehrani, Bryce McGarvey
Chair(s) - Jacques Monnier, Bryce McGarvey

13:40 00587 Higher Alcohols Synthesis from Syngas over K/MoS2 Catalysts Supported on Multi Walled Carbon Nano Tubes $Surisetty V., Tavasoli A., *Dalai A.
14:00 00588 Effect of Anodic Alumina Pore Diameter on Template-initiated Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes for their Application as a Catalyst Support for Hydroprocessing Sigurdson S., Vedachalam S., Dalai A.K., Adjaye J.
14:20 00589 Catalytic Cracking of Decalin over FCC Catalysts in a Mini-Fluidized CREC Riser Simulator Al-Sabawi M., de Lasa H.I.
14:40 00590 Catalytic Cracking of Thiophene under Mild Conditions: Mechanism, Thermodynamics and Kinetics Approach *$Jaimes L., de Lasa H., Ferreira M. L.
15:00 00591 Effect of regeneration time on n-butane to maleic anhydride yield in CFB redox operations *Shekari A., Patience G. S.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00592 Synthesis of Pure Zeolite Y Using Soluble Silicate, A Two-Level Factorial Experimental Design Karami D., *Rohani sohrab
16:00 00593 Study of Support Dealcoholation in Spherical Supported Ziegler-Natta Catalysts Jalali Dil E., *Pourmahdian S., $Vatankhah M. WITHDRAWN
16:20 End of Session


Reactor Technology

Organizer(s) - Poupak Mehrani
Chair(s) - Robert Hayes, Sok Yui

13:40 00594 Traditional Reaction Engineering Approaches to Fixed-Bed Hydrotreating of Bitumen-Derived Naphtha and Distillates Yui S.
14:20 00595 Higher Alcohols Production From Synthesis Gas Baril C., *Abatzoglou N.
14:40 00596 Steam Reforming of Hexadecane over Micrometric Nickel Catalysts Fauteux-Lefebvre C., Blanchard J., Gitzhofer F., *Abatzoglou N.
15:00 00597 Acid Measurements via Electrodeless Conductivity Saini R.S., *Papangelakis V.G.
15:20 End of Session

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