2008 58th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Monday PM

CCC3Provinces 2

Process Intensification and Pollution Prevention 1

Organizer(s) - Deepak Kirpalani, Ashwani Kumar
Chair(s) - Nathalie Tufenkji, Matty Janssen

13:40 00063 Destructuring and Disassembling as Key Steps to Improve the Homogeneity and Quality of Raw Materials (from Biomass to Heavy Oils) for Subsequent Conversion. Chornet E.
14:20 00064 Plant-wide Steady-state Data Reconciliation for Advanced Process-driven Cost Analysis in the Pulp and Paper Industry Korbel M., $Stuart P.R., *Lupien B.
14:40 00065 Catalytic Distillation for Simultaneous Hydrolysis of Methyl Acetate and Etherification of Methanol *Dirk-Faitakis C.B., An W., Lin T.B., $Chuang K.T.
15:00 00066 Process Design by Incorporating Pollution Prevention *Hossain K. A., Khan F.I., Hawboldt K.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00067 Prediction of Micropollutant Concentrations along the Wastewater Collection and Treatment Train. Khan U., Nicell J.
16:00 00068 Toxic Products of Combustion in Smoke from Fires. Wang JM, *Austin CC, Bwalya AC, Wang DKW
16:20 00069 Adsorption of Cd2+ and Cu2+ on Wheat Straw Using a Batch System and a Continuous Fixed-bed Column Muhamad H., *$Doan H.D., Lohi A.
16:40 00070 Advanced Oxidation of Paracetamol in Water $Yang L., Yu L., Ray M.
17:00 End of Session


Nuclear: Hydrogen Production

Organizer(s) - Greg Naterer, Sam Suppiah
Chair(s) - Greg Naterer

13:40 00071 An Overview of the R&D Effort for the Cu-Cl Thermochemical Cycle at Argonne National Laboratory *Lewis MA, Ferrandon MS, Tatterson DF
14:20 00072 Enhancing Understanding and Efficiency of Nuclear and Hydrogen Energy Systems Using Exergy Orhan M.F., Dincer I., Rosen M.A.
14:40 00073 Molecular-level simulation Methodology for Thermochemical Properties of Electrolyte Systems in the Cu-Cl Thermochemical Cycle for Hydrogen Production *$Smith W.R., Francova M., Jirasek J., Lisal M., Nezbeda I.
15:00 00074 Electrolysis of the CuCl/HCl Aqueous System for the Production of Nuclear Hydrogen Stolberg L.N., Boniface H.A., McMahon S., Suppiah S., York S.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00075 Thermal Decomposition of SO3 by Electro-Resistive Heating in S-I Process *Tan G., Deschenes L., Suppiah S.
16:00 00076 Recent Advances in the Copper-Chlorine Cycle for Thermochemical Hydrogen Production Naterer G.F., Gabriel K.S., Gravelsins R.J.
16:20 00077 An experimental Device for the Study of Possible Chlorine Formation in the Hybrid Copper Chloride Low Temperature Thermochemical Cycle. *Doizi D., Dauvois V., Roujou J.L., Carles P., Lewis M., Ferrandon M.
16:40 00078 A New Thermochemical Cu-Cl Cycle for Hydrogen Production using Lower Grade Heat *$Wang Z.L., Naterer G., Gabriel K.S., Gravelsins R., Daggupati V.
17:00 End of Session

ESS9Les Saisons

Clean Coal Technologies (Including IEA workshop)

Organizer(s) - John Marrone, Kourosh Zanganeh

13:40 00079 Sustainable Development of Coal Thambimuthu K., *Topper J.
14:20 00080 Overview of the U.S. Department of Energy Carbon Sequestration R&D Program Fernald W.
14:40 00081 Application and Development of Coal Gasification Technology in China Zhengang X.
15:00 IEA Workshop Session

15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 IEA Workshop Session

16:40 End of Session

IB1Theatre 2

Bioreactors and Recombinant Proteins

Organizer(s) - Christopher Lan
Chair(s) - Jamshid Tanha, Nils Semmler

13:40 00082 On-line Monitoring of Myeloid Suppressor Cells' Energetic State by In Vivo NMR $Hammami I., *Jolicoeur M., DeCrescenzo G., Bronte V.
14:00 00083 Proteome Profiling by Multivariate Analysis of LCMS Signal *Michaud F.T., Duchesne C., Lemieux L., $Garnier A.
14:20 00084 Practical Considerations during Protein Refolding - A Case-Study of a Quadrivalent Vaccine Candidate for Seasonal Flu *$Trivedi U., Weaver B., Chen Y. WITHDRAWN
14:40 00085 Effect of Adsorption Efficiency on Bacteriophage Production Storms Z.J., *Cooper D.G.
15:00 00086 Electric Field Enhanced Sampling from Heterogeneous Suspensions of Bioparticles in Fluids Tomkins M.R., *$Docoslis A.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00087 Design of a Novel Couette Flow Bioreactor for the Growth of Fungal Microorganism Patel N., Choy V., White T., Munkvold G., *Thibault J.
16:00 00088 Kinetics and Modeling of Glucoamylase Production by a Culture of Recombinant Saccharomycess Cerevisiae Immobilized in an Airlift-Driven Fibrous-Bed Bioreactor $Kilonzo P.M., *Margaritis A., Bergougnou M.A.
16:20 00089 Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer Characteristics in an Inverse Internal Loop Airlift-Driven Fibrous Bioreactor $Kilonzo P.M., *Margaritis A., Bergougnou M.A.
16:40 End of Session

MSS2British Columbia


Organizer(s) - Andre Tremblay
Chair(s) - Aris Docoslis, Gervais Soucy

13:40 00090 Synthesis of Miktoarm Star-Shaped Polymers Bearing a Polyethylene Arm and Two Functional Polymer Arms by Combining Ethylene "Living" Polymerization with Atom-Transfer Radical Xia X., Ye Z.
14:00 00091 Synthesis of Cubical Silver Nanoparticles for Application in Ink-jet Printing Madni I., *Sayyed N.
14:40 00092 Synthesis of truncated triangular silver nanoparticles by a one-step simple and rapid method in aqueous solution *$Ghader S., Mansouri S. S., Badri H., Hoseini M., Nikzad A., Sarcheshmeh Poor M.
15:00 00093 Production of Alumina Nanoparticles in an Induction Plasma System Marion F., Munz R.J., Dolbec R., Boulos M.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00094 AC Electrokinetic Assembly of Ordered Colloidal Structures Wood J. A., *Docoslis A.
16:00 00095 In Situ Purification of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Synthesized by Induction Thermal Plasma System Shahverdi A., Kim K.S., Alinejad Y., *Soucy G.
16:20 00096 Non-Covalent Surface Modification of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Narrow-Distributed Pyrene-End-Capped Polyethylenes of Controllable Molecular Weight Xu L., Xia X., *$Ye Z.
16:40 End of Session


Getting Innovation Out of the University and into the Marketplace

Organizer(s) - Mandeep Rayat
Chair(s) - Bernard West

13:40 00097 Getting Innovation Out of the University and into the Marketplace West B.
14:20 00098 Catalyzing Innovation from the University Laboratory to the Marketplace Irvine J.
14:40 00099 New Models for the Commercialization of Chemical & Material Science Technologies. Resendes R.
15:00 00100 Patenting Public Research in the Current Technology Transfer Environment White S.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00101 Partnerships: Policy and Research at the Crossroads Lainson D.
16:00 00102 IEA Presentation Mizuno E.
16:20 Round Table Discussion

17:00 End of Session

EN2Governor General 3

Hydrogen 2

Organizer(s) - Deepak Kirpalani
Chair(s) - Martin Ternan, Brant Peppley

13:40 00103 The Development of an Oxygen Sensor for Hydrogen Rich Gas Streams Dani A., *Kirk D.W., $Graydon J.W.
14:00 00104 Ethanol-steam Reforming over a Pt/ceria Based Catalyst Qi A., Sonoc A., Amphlett J., Peppley B., $Thurgood C.
14:20 00105 Hydrogen Generation in a Multi-Channel Membrane Reactor: Catalyst Coating on Metal Substrate via Sol Gel Method *$Vigneault A., Grace J.R.
14:40 00106 Car-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Determine the Effect of Pd-Doping on the Chemical Structure of Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers *$Mushrif S.H., Rey A.D., Peslherbe G.H.
15:00 00107 Hydrogen Network Retrofit in Oil Refineries with Capital Investment Limitation *Nasr M.R.J., $Jafarinasr E.
15:20 End of Session

EN5Confederation 3

Oil Sands and Heavy Oil 1

Organizer(s) - Deepak Kirpalani
Chair(s) - Phillip Choi, Patrick Mercier

13:40 00108 Sustainability Issues in the Development of the Oil Sands: Tailings Management options in Surface Mined Oil Sands Mikula R.
14:20 00109 Interaction Forces between Asphaltene Surfaces in Toluene Wang S., Liu J., Zhang L., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
14:40 00110 Effect of Solids Wettability on Bitumen Recovery from Athabasca Oil Sands Dang-Vu T., Masliyah J.M., Xu Z.
15:00 00111 Settling and Filtration of Oil Sands Tailings Wang X., Xu Z., Masliyah J.M.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00112 Oil Sands Technology Futures *$Peachey B.R., Godin M.
16:00 00113 Determination of Concentration-Dependent Solvent Dispersion in Vapex Abukhalifeh H., Lohi A., Upreti S.
16:20 00114 Effect of Surfactants on Asphaltene Interfacial Films and Stability of Water-in-Oil Emulsions. *Ortiz D.P., Yarranton H.W., Baydak E.N.
16:40 00115 Measuring the Effect of Dynamic Pressure on the Viscosity of Bitumen and other Fluids Nobes D.S., Evans M.D., Lipsett M.G. WITHDRAWN
17:00 End of Session

FUN13Theatre 3

Thermodynamics 2

Organizer(s) - Poupak Mehrani, Marco Satyro
Chair(s) - Marco Satyro, John Shaw

Syncrude Canada Innovation Award Lecture - J.A.W. Elliott

13:40 00116 Thermodynamics: Everything Old is New Again Elliott J.A.W.
14:20 00117 Henry Constant and Solubility of Volatile Organic Compounds in Water: A Consistency Evaluation Rajan R., *$De Visscher A.
14:40 00118 Osmotic Virial Equation for Macromolecule and Salt Solutions: Implications for Designing Cryopreservation Protocols *$Elliott J.A.W., McGann L.E.
15:00 00119 Challenges Involved in Phase Behaviour Prediction for Mixtures Containing Bitumen and Heavy Oil Saber N., Shaw J.M.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00120 Characterization of Heavy Oils and Bitumens. 2. Improving the Prediction of Vapor Pressures for Heavy Hydrocarbons at Low Reduced Temperatures using the Peng-Robinson Equation of State. Nji G. N., Svrcek W. Y., Yarranton H. W., Satyro M. A.
16:00 00121 Development of a Database for a Speciation-based Chemical Model for Aqueous Phase Equilibria *Azimi G., Papangelakis V.G.
16:20 00122 A New Cubic Equation of State for Prediction of Thermodynamic Properties of Reservoir Fluids Shirazimanesh A.A., *Edalat M.
16:40 End of Session

FUN2Governor General 2

Adsorption 2 (In Honour of Douglas M. Ruthven and Jörg Kärger)

Organizer(s) - Handan Tezel
Chair(s) - Jeff R. Hufton, Mladen Eic

13:40 00123 Binary Protein Mixture Bioseparation By Airlift Draft-Tube Biocontactor *$Dahman Y., Azam H.
14:00 00124 Flow Calorimetry and Adsorption Study of Dibenzothiophene, Quinoline and Naphthalene over Modified Y zeolites Gunda K., Thomas K., Ng F.
14:20 00125 Adsorption Behavior of Cationic Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) on Cellulose Fibers $Fatehi P., *Xiao H. WITHDRAWN
14:40 00126 Adsorption and Desorption Characteristics of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) Adsorbed on Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Storrar M.D., *Narbaitz R.M.
15:00 00127 Studies of C8 Aromatics Adsorption in Molecular Sieves Using the Headspace Technique Luna F.M.T., Coelho J.A., Azevedo D.C.S., *$Cavalcante C.L.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00128 Modelling Adsorption in Monoliths *Brandani S., Hufton J.R.
16:00 00129 Metal Organic Frameworks Showing Hydrocarbon Adsorption Properties Commensurate with their Pore Structure *Olson D.H., $Li J., Li K.
16:20 00130 Separation of n- and iso-alkanes with the Mesoporous Solids SBA-15 and PHTS Baron G.V., Cool P., Meynen V., $Denayer J.F.M.
16:40 00131 N-Hydrocinnamoyl-N-phenylhydroxylamine Adsorption on Pure Minerals Sharma J., *Natarajan R.., $Nirdosh I.
17:00 00132 Doug Ruthven and Joerg Kaerger: Personal Perspectives on Giants in the Field Shah D.B.
17:20 End of Session

PNM5Provinces 1

Polymer Processing 2

Organizer(s) - Marc Dube, Uttandaraman Sundararaj
Chair(s) - Milan Maric, Celine Bellehumeur

13:40 00133 Polymer Powder Processing: Rotational Molding Application *$Bellehumeur C.T.
14:20 00134 Inferential Sensing of Melt Flow Index in Compounding Operations Noeei V., *Tzoganakis C., Duever T.
14:40 00135 Relationships Between Rheology, Morphology and Foamability of Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) Microcellular Foams Maani A., *Heuzey M.C., Carreau P.J.
15:00 00136 The Rheological Response of Polypropylene Melts in Uniaxial and Biaxial Elongational Flows Zhu S.-H.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00137 Rheological Properties and Micro Structural Evolution of Semi-flexible Fiber Suspensions in Transient Shear Flow $Keshtkar M., *Heuzey M-C., Carreau P.J., Rajabian M., Dubois C.
16:00 00138 Phase Morphology Development of Plasticized and Non-Plasticized EPDM/PP Blends During Dynamic Vulcanization Shahbikian S., *Carreau P., Heuzey M., Ellul M., Nadella H., Shirodkar P., Cheng J.
16:20 00139 Developing a Relationship to Predict the Molecular Weight Dependency of w in order to Improve the Predictability of Interfacial Tension of Polymer Pairs using Theoretical Methods *Garmabi H., $Ghanbari M.
16:40 End of Session

PC1Governor General 1

Applied Statistical Methods - John MacGregor MVA Special Session

Organizer(s) - Deepak Kirpalani, Carl Duchesne
Chair(s) - James McLellan, Kim McAuley

13:40 00140 Parameter and State Estimation in Nonlinear Stochastic Continuous-Time Dynamic Models with Unknown Disturbance Intensity McLellan P.J., McAuley K.B., Varziri M.S.
14:20 00141 Determining a Reduced Set of Parameters to Estimate in Mathematical Models Wu S., *$McAuley K.B., Harris T.J.
14:40 00142 Application of Multivariate Statistics for Efficient Alarm Generation $Kondaveeti S.R., Izadi I., *Shah S. L.
15:00 00143 Measurement of the Physical Properties of Pharmaceutical Powders using Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Techniques as Part of a Process Control Initiative Lapointe-Garant P.-P., *Abatzoglou N., $Simard J.-S.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00144 Multivariate Statistical Process Modelling, Analysis and Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry under current Regulatory Environment Kourti T.
16:20 00145 Start-up Analysis of Hall-Héroult Aluminium Reduction Cells and its Impact on Production Performance *$Tessier J., Duchesne C., Gauthier C., Dufour G.
16:40 00146 Plant-wide Fault Diagnosis using One-Class Recursive Support Vector Machines Mahadevan S., Shah S.L.
17:00 00147 Combustion Process Control based on Image Analysis $Cousineau M., *Duchesne C.
17:20 End of Session

PSM2Theatre 1

Land Use Planning

Organizer(s) - John Shrives, Graham Creedy
Chair(s) - Graham Creedy

14:00 00148 Land Use Planning in the EU: The Buncefield Recommendations and Developments in France Lacoursiere J.P.
14:30 00149 Recommendations for Use with the MIACC Risk-Based Land Use Planning Guidelines Piche L.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 00150 Land Use Planning in the Netherlands and Lessons for Canada Alp E.
16:00 00151 Experience in the Nuclear Industry Oliverio M.
16:30 End of Session

REPConfederation 2

Reaction Engineering Posters

Organizer(s) - Technical Program Committee

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00152 Modeling of Fluidized Bed Membrane Dual-type Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Reactor $Elekaei H., Rahimpour M.R.
17:00 00153 Increasing Methanol Production in Membrane Reactor Loop *$Rahimpour M.R., Forghani A.A., Khosravanipour Mostafazadeh A.
17:00 00154 Ammonia Absorption and Transport Using Struvite Precipitation $Cerede B., Biasotto F., Alex S.
17:00 00155 New Generation of Zeolite Catalysts in Petrochemical Industries: Review of Synthesis and Characterization Methods Mostafavi S.N., *Mohtaram N.K.
17:00 00156 An Investigation on Steady and Unstaedy Models For Industrial Mitsubishi Methanol Reactor In the Presence of Catalyst Deactivation *$Bahramipirbazari B., Soroosh S.D., Seyfaee A., Rahimpour M., Akbarzadeh O.
17:00 00157 Pure-Gas Absorption with Chemical Reaction and Desorption in a Foam-Bed Reactor Gaikwad A.A., *Bhaskarwar A.N.
17:00 00158 Mathematical Modeling of Hydrotreating Reactors for Removal of Sulfur and Aromatic Compounds from Petroleum $Salehi T., *Rahmani M.
17:00 00159 Ultra Filtration Modeling of Hollow Fibers with Case Study on Whey Protein $Soltaniye, *Bagheri, saedan
17:00 00160 Electrochemical Characterization of La0.75Sr0.25Cr0.5Mn0.5O3-d Anodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Cimenti M., *Hill J.M.
17:00 00161 Enhancement of Enzymatic Saccharification of Cellulose by Ultrasound $Yasuda K., Tsuruta K., Kato D., Bando Y., Sakka M., Sakka K.
17:00 00162 Effect of Equipment Condition on Organic Compound Decomposition by Micro-Bubble Ozone *$Yasuda K., Naito T., Horizoe H., Okanishi S.
17:00 00163 Hydrogen Production from Hydrocarbon-Oil Sand Material *Pineda-Perez L.A., Sosa C., Carbognani L., $Maini B.B., Pereira-Almao P.
17:00 00164 Insight view to performance of industial steam reformer by mathatical modeling Rasouli Ghoncheh, Rahmani mohamad, $Rasouli Ghoncheh, *Halladj Rouein

PCPConfederation 2

Process Dynamics, Control and Statistics Posters

Organizer(s) - Technical Program Committee

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00165 Optimization of Process Conditions for Decolorization of Methylene Blue by Purified Lignin Peroxidase Enzyme *$Alam M.Z., Karim M.I.A., Hudha F.
17:00 00166 Optimization of Continuous Protein Recovery in Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed Ion Exchange System Using NSGA-II and Its Jumping Gene Adaptation $Mazumder J., Zhu J.-X., Bassi A.S., Ray A.K.
17:00 00167 A Guiding Tool for Selecting the Appropriate Feature Extraction Method in Spectral Image Analysis $Gosselin R., Rodrigue D., *Duchesne C.
17:00 00168 Safeparking of Multi-Unit Process Systems Gandhi R., *$Mhaskar P.
17:00 00169 Modelling of Wood Thermotransformation Furnace Kocaefe D., Younsi R., Kocaefe Y.
17:00 00170 Deposition of Charge-regulated Biocolloids on a Charged Surface Liu K.L., Hsu J.P.
17:00 00171 Complex Model of Droplets Injected Evaporation in Hot Flow Gas with Content Dust in GCT (Gas Condition Tower) Tarybakhsh M.
17:00 00172 Drying of Pharmaceutical Hydrates Tadayon A.T., Mirmehrabi M.M.
17:00 00173 A Numerical Analysis of the Heat and Moisture Transfer Occurring During the Pasta Drying Process Veladat R., *Zokaee Ashtiani F., $Rahmani M.
17:00 00174 Can DPD Simulate Phase Separation of Block Copolymers, Quantitatively? *Foroutan M., Sharif F.

PNMPConfederation 2

Polymers and New Materials Posters

Organizer(s) - Technical Program Committee

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00175 Surface Modification of PVA/PSSA_MA Membranes Through Direct Flourination and Their Application to Fuel Cells *$RHIM J.W., KIM D.H., CHO H.I., LEE B.S.
17:00 00176 Membranes for Operating at HighTemperatures in Direct Hydrocarbon PEM Fuel Cells Al-Othman A., $Tremblay A.Y., *Ternan M.

FUNPConfederation 2

Fundamentals Posters

Organizer(s) - Technical Program Committee

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00177 Prediction of Wax Precipitation by Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm and comparison with Multisolid Model in Crude Oil Systems *Khaksar Manshad A., Ashoori S., Edalat M.
17:00 00178 Vapor-Liquid-Wax Multisolid Equilibrium Parameters Sensibility Analysis with an Efficient Stability Test Algorithm for Multiphase Multisolid Wax Precipitation Modeling *Khaksar Manshad A., Ashoori S., Edalat M.
17:00 00179 The Effect of Surfactants on Droplet Contact Angle Over Superhydrophilic/Superhydrophobic Surfaces Zabeti P., Milne A.J.B., Amirfazli A., *$Elliott J.A.W.
17:00 00180 Influence of Si/Al ratio in Adsorption of Aromatic from Aromatic/Alkanes Mixture by BETA Zeolite *$Fathizade M., Ordou N., Nikazar M.
17:00 00181 Analysis of the Transient Response of Thermosyphon Heat Pipes *$Rashidian B. WITHDRAWN
17:00 00182 MRI as a Quantitative Probe of Mass Transport MacMillan B., Mastikhin I., Newling B., *$Balcom B.
17:00 00183 CFD Simulation of Hydrodynamics in Transition Regime Between Dens-Phase and Dilute-Phase Spouting *Barrozo M.A.S., Duarte C.R., Epstein N., Lim C.J., Grace J.R.

ENPConfederation 2

Energy Posters

Organizer(s) - Technical Program Committee

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00184 Modeling Triple Phase Boundary in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode Soltanzadeh M., Giorgi J., Novruzi A., *Ternan M.
17:00 00185 Application and Modeling of Fluidized Bed Reactors in Production of Methanol from Synthesis Gas $Semsarilar S., *Sohrabi M., Hadipour A., Royaee S.J.
17:00 00186 Solubility Characteristics of Bitumen in Diluents by Calorimetric Method Petruskavich G., Secka K.A., *$Miadonye A.

CEEPConfederation 2

Chemical Engineering Education Posters

Organizer(s) - Technical Program Committee

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00187 Improving Synthesis and Characterization of Na-Y Zeolite *$Fathizade M., Orduo N., Nikazar M.
17:00 00188 Application of He's Homotopy Perturbation Method to Boundary Layer Convective Heat Transfer with Low Pressure Gradient over a Flat Plate *$Fathizade M., Rashidi F., Orduo N.
17:00 00189 Alkenes and Aromatics Competitive Adsorption on NaY Zeolite *$Fathizade M., Orduo N., Nikazar M.

BMEPConfederation 2

Biomedical Engineering Posters

Organizer(s) - Technical Program Committee

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00190 Modeling of Mass Transport: Applications in Tissue Cryopreservation Abazari A., Law G.K, *$Elliott J.A.W., Jomha N.M., McGann L.E.
17:00 00191 Improving Biocompatibility of Coronary Stents? Surface Immobilization of Fibronectin to 316L Stainless Steel for Controlled Tailoring of Biomaterial-Cell Interactions *$Harvey J., Guy J., Balorin M., Omanovic S.
17:00 00192 Effect of pBMP/BMP on Osteosarcoma Cell Behavior Park H., *Faucheux N.
17:00 00193 Hunting Needle in a Haystack: APEx as a Tool for Isolating Rare High Affinity Binders from Human VH Libraries Kim D.Y., Arbabi M., van Faassen H., $Tanha J.
17:00 00194 Using Calculated Intracellular Supercooling and Osmolality to Interpret Post-thaw Cell Recovery Following Interrupted Freezing Experiments Ross-Rodriguez L.U., *$Elliott J., McGann L.E.
17:00 00195 Determination of Diffusion Coefficeint for Recombinant Human Erythropoietin in Biopolymeric Microparticles Bokharaei M., Margaritis A.
17:00 00196 Gelatin nanoencapsulation of protein drugs using a new micro-emulsion method *$Zhang J, Zhang X

PPRPConfederation 2

Partnerships: Policy and Research at the Crossroads Posters

Organizer(s) - Technical Program Committee

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00197 Research and Development in Energy Policy from a Sustainability and Equity Perspective: A South Asian Case Jayasinghe P., Hawboldt K.

IBPConfederation 2

Industrial Biotechnology Posters

Organizer(s) - Technical Program Committee

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00198 Encapsulation of the Recombinant Ethanologenic Bacteria Escherichia Coli KO11 for Improved Cellulosic Ethanol Production Gandier J-A., Li X., Basso J., Thibault J.
17:00 00199 Bioproduction of 2-phenylethanol by Yeast in a Solid-Liquid Two Phase Partition Bioreactor System GAO F., $Daugulis A.J.
17:00 00200 Study of Paint Industry Environment Pollution and Waste Recycling Practices Yan F., Wang Y., Chen D., *$Yan J.
17:00 00201 4D-Spectral Analysis of Plant Cell Autofluorescence Bizier E., *Sirois J.
17:00 00202 Behaviour of Small Bubbles in non-Newtonian Aqueous Solutions of Xanthan Gum Amirnia S., *Margaritis A., Bergougnou M.A.
17:00 00203 Effect of Media Composition on Glucoamylase Production During Batch Fermentation of Recombinant Saccharomyces Cerevisiae $Kilonzo P.M., *Margaritis A., Bergougnou M.A.
17:00 00204 Selective Precipitation of c-Polyglutamic Acid from Bacillus licheniformis Fermentation Broth Manocha B., *Margaritis A.
17:00 00205 Kinetic and Equilibrim Modeling of Cadmium Biosorption by Ca-pretreated Biomass of Marine Algae Padina Pavonia from Aqueous Phase *Majdiyan A., $Nikazar M., Vahabzadeh F.
17:00 00206 On-line Measurement of Oil Content in Microalgae Cultures Remtulla N., De la Hoz Siegler H. Jr., *Ben-Zvi A., McCaffrey W.
17:00 00207 Effect of Edible Films on Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Qualities of Fresh, Cut Apple *Tamjidi S., Behbehani R.
17:00 00208 Comparative study of drying methods to obtain a product made from Pleurotus ostreatus Macazaga Alvarez R., *Martínez-Flores H.E., Ponce Saavedra J., Carreon Abud Y., Vargas Medina J., Yahuaca Juarez B., Cortés Penagos C.C.
17:00 00209 Enhancement of Lipid Production Using Metabolic Engineering Dorval Courchesne N. M., Parisien A., *$Lan C. Q.

MSSPConfederation 2

Materials for a Sustainable Society Posters

Organizer(s) - Technical Program Committee

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00210 Influence of Carbon Black Microstructure and Impurity Content on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Formation Alinejad Y., Shahverdi A., Kim K.S., *Soucy G.
17:00 00211 Ceramics PZT in Bulk Obtained by Sol-Gel Method *$Garnica-Romo M.G., Yañez-Limon J.M, Ruedas-Rivera Ma. G., Bucio-Hernandez S.Y., Diaz-Flores L.L, Garcia-Gonzalez L
17:00 00212 Stabilization of Metal-Water Nanofluids by Surface Functionalization Using Plasma Polymerization Swanson E.J., *Tavares J., $Coulombe S.
17:00 00213 Comparison of Microwave and Conventional Heating Methods for the Preparation of Mesoporous Amine Functionalized CO2 Adsorbents Pynenburg M.R., *Sayari A.
17:00 00214 Cold Ocean Biorefining: A Perfect Marriage with Green Chemistry Helleur R., $Kerton F., *Parrish C.
17:00 00215 Characterization of Agriculture By-products as Biosorbents Oraedu C.C., *$Niu C.H.

CCCPConfederation 2

Clean Water - Clean Air - Clean Earth Posters

Organizer(s) - Technical Program Committee

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00216 Modeling of Liquid-Liquid Equilibria for the MTBE + Water + Salt Systems at Temprature of 298.15K $Yazdizadeh M., Forghani A.A., *Rahimpour M.R.
17:00 00217 Surfactin Production and Medium Optimization Using Fractional Factorial Experimental Design $Javan S., *Naeimpoor F.
17:00 00218 Adhesin Proteins in Microbial Floc Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) $Brei E., Allen D.G., *Liss S.N.
17:00 00219 BTEX BIodegradation in a Two-Phase Partitioning Airlift Bioscrubber Littlejohns J.V., *$Daugulis A.J.
17:00 00220 Experimental Research on Eliminating of Dust Adhesion in Downstream Equipments of Outokumpu Copper Flash-Smelting Process in Khatoon Abad Copper Smelter Plant Tarybakhsh M., Lotfi-Neyestanak A.
17:00 00221 Filtration and Biotreatment Scheme to Recycle CMP Wastewater *Padilla-Luciano Y, Bogere M.N., Ogden K.L.
17:00 00222 Aqueous Phase Dehydration of Xylose at Moderate Temperatures *O'Neill R., Aiouache F., Ahmad M.N.
17:00 00223 Highly Ordered Mesoporous Materials in Biosensing: Detection of Phenolic Compounds by the Preoxidase/NH2-MCM41 Electrode *$Nazari K., Esmaeili N., Haghighian Z., Soheili M.
17:00 00224 Treatment of Azo Dye Waste Using a Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor *Murray Simon, Moroney Niall, Allen Stephen J, Groom R. Elaine
17:00 00225 Amine-Modified Pore-Expanded Mesoporous Silicas for Adsorption of Cu2+ from Aqueous Solutions Da'na E., *Sayari A.
17:00 00226 A Study to Investigate the Removal of Halogen Material in Drinking Water using Carbonized Nano-fiber Membrane by Adsorption Process Singh G., Rana D., *Matsuura T., Narbaitz R.M., Tabe S.
17:00 00227 Effects of Oxygen on Activation of Oil Sands Fluid Coke and Mercury Adsorption Capacity of Activated Coke Morris E, Chen H, *$Jia C.Q.

ESSPConfederation 2

Energy for a Sustainable Society Posters

Organizer(s) - Technical Program Committee

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00228 Microalgae Production for Biodiesel in a Tubular Photobioreactor Sacasa C., *Bassi A.
17:00 00229 Hybrid SOFC-GT Systems with CO2-Capture Heron C.D., Bolland O., Hill J.M.
17:00 00230 Energy Use and Recovery of Waste Heat in Aluminum Industry *$Kocaefe Y.
17:00 00231 A Novel Model of Pervaporation Separation of Ethanol from Aqueous Solution $Nasiri H., *Aroujalian A.
17:00 00232 Integrated High Throughput Pretreatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis in 96 Well Plates $Studer M., McKenzie H.L., DeMartini J., *Wyman C.E.
17:00 00233 Direct Utilization of Ethanol on Cu-Co/Zr0.35Ce0.65O2 Anodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Cimenti M., *Hill J.M.
17:00 00234 Development of Modular Plant for Biodiesel Production from Crude Rapeseed Oil $Torubarov A., Stepanskyi M., Kholstov V., Kondrat'ev V., *Glukhan E., Sadovnikov D.
17:00 00235 Study Of The Transestrification Process Of Rapeseed Oil With Methanol Using the Method Of Differential Scanning Calorimetry *$Glukhan E., Kholstov V., Kondrat'ev V., Belikov V., Kshnyaikina A., Torubarov A., Stepanskyi M., Sadovnikov D.

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