2008 58th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Wednesday PM

CCC7Confederation 1

Wastewater Treatment 2

Organizer(s) - Deepak Kirpalani, Ashwani Kumar
Chair(s) - Madjid Mohseni, Maen Husein

13:40 00490 Enhancement of Molecular Mechanism of Ozonation Reactions by the Use of Heterogeneous Catalysts Ebadi A., *$Soltan J., Shafiei S.
14:00 00491 Evaluation of the Finite-Volume Discrete Ordinate Method for Solving the Radiation Field in Photoreactors Duran J.E., *Mohseni M., Taghipour F.
14:20 00492 UV/H2O2 Advanced Oxidation Treatment of Drinking Water: Impacts on Natural Organic Matter Sarathy S.R., *$Mohseni M.
14:40 00493 Integration of Advanced Oxidation Process and Biological Treatment for Real Industrial Wastewater $Mohajerani M, *Mehrvar M, Ein-Mozaffari F
15:00 00494 Thin-Film-Composite Polymeric Membranes for Seawater Desalination using Novel Hydrophilic Surface Modifying Macromolecules Abu Tarboush B., *Matsuura T., $Arafat H.A., Narbaitz R.M., Rana D.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00495 Microbial Transport in Porous Media: The Role of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) and Water Ionic Strength Higgins K.A., Emelko M.B, Tufenkji N
16:00 00496 Enhancement of Produced Water Treatment by MEUF with Naturally Occurring Naphthenic Acids *Deriszadeh A.D., Husein M.M.H, Harding T.G.H.
16:20 00497 Selective Rejection of Electrolytes by Nanofiltration Membranes Ahmed F., Chen G., Feng C., $Lan C.
16:40 00498 Kinetics of Cr(III) Adsorption on bypass Cement Kiln Dust *$Ibrahim H.G., Awad A.N., Okasha A.Y.
17:00 End of Session

ESS7Les Saisons

Clean Coal and CO2 Capture and Storage 3

Organizer(s) - John Marrone, Kourosh Zanganeh
Chair(s) - Kourosh Zanganeh, Peter Douglas

13:40 00499 Kinetics of Absorption of Carbon Dioxide into Sterically Hindered Alkanolamine Aqueous Solutions Bougie F., Lauzon-Gauthier J., *Iliuta M.C.
14:00 00500 Simulation of the Effects of Lean Loading, and Flue Gas Temperature (With and Without a Saturator) on Energy Requirements for Absorption of CO2 in 30wt.% MEA Solution Using ProMax2.0 Liang Z.W., Tontiwachwuthikul P.T., *Idem R.O.
14:20 00501 Experiments and Modeling of CO2 Separation by Immobilized Liquid Membrane Containing Aqueous Blends of Monoethanolamine and Monoprotonated ethylenediamine *Heydari Gorji A., $Kaghazchi T.
14:40 00502 Comparison of membrane photobioreactors for CO2 fixation through microalgal photosynthesis $Fan Li-Hai, Zhang Ya-Tao, Cheng Li-Hua, Zhang Lin, *Chen Huan-Lin
15:00 00503 CO2 Reduction Through Optimization of Steam Network in Petroleum Refineries *Nasr M.R.J., $Jafarinasr E.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00504 Synergy in Co-gasification of Biomass with Coal and Pet-Coke. Gao C., Katalambula H., $Gupta R.
16:00 00505 Microbial Solubilisation of Lignite by the Wood-decaying Fungus Yin S., Tao X., *Tan Z.
16:20 00506 Environmentally Affordable, Secure, Emissions Capture and Sequestration (EASE-CS) *$Peachey B.R.
16:40 End of Session

ESS4Theatre 3

Bio-Energy Technologies 4

Organizer(s) - John Marrone, Brian Farnand
Chair(s) - Brian Farnand, Randy Goodfellow

13:40 00507 Applications of Hydrothermal Process for Hydrogen Energy Production Escot Bocanegra P., Sobhy A., Barsan M.M., Butler I.S., Gökalp I., *$Kozinski J.A.
14:00 00508 Hydrothermal Conversion of Cattle Manure to Bioenergy using a Batch Reactor Yin S., Dolan R., *Tan Z.
14:20 00509 Production Of Bio-crude from Forestry Waste by Hydro-liquefaction In Sub-/Super-critical Methanol Yang Y., *Xu C., Gilbert A.
14:40 00510 Bulk Landfill Gas Separation by Adsorption Bestfather C.B., *$Tezel F.H., Golden T.C.
15:00 00511 High Performance Catalytic Filtration of Biomass Gasification Producer Gas by Oxygen Addition $Ma L., Denayer J.F.M., *Baron G.V.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00512 Tar Sampling from Black Liquor Gasification Fuel Gases at Norampac Trenton Pulp Mill *$He I., Preto F., Middleton T.
16:00 00513 Synthesis of Hydrocarbons from CO and H2 on Carbon Nanotubes Supported Iron-Cobalt Catalyst Trepanier M., Tavasoli A., *Dalai A.K., Abatzoglou N.
16:20 End of Session

ESS11Governor General 1

Energy Storage

Organizer(s) - John Marrone, Mark Riley
Chair(s) - Halime Paksoy, Edward Morofsky

13:40 00514 Efficient Utilization of Waste Heat with Thermal Energy Storage in Phase Change Materials *Paksoy H.O., Mazman M., Gok O., Yilmaz M.O., Yilmaz S., Evliya H., Turgut B.
14:00 00515 Sustainable Heating and Cooling of Greenhouses with Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage $Turgut B., *Paksoy H.O., Bozdag S., Evliya H., Abak K., Dasgan Y.
14:20 00516 Alderney 5 Energy Storage Project *Cruickshanks F.
14:40 00517 Energy Storage and Building Efficiency *$Kutrowski E.
15:00 00518 Regeneration Characterization of Adsorbents for Application in Thermal Energy Storage of Solar and Waste Heat Dicaire D., Tezel H.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00519 Thermochemical Storage of Solar Energy - A Canadian Perspective Wong W.P., Velicogna D., McClung J.L.
16:00 00520 Performance Assessment of Some Ice TES Systems MacPhee D., *Dincer I.
16:20 End of Session

IB5Theatre 2

Microalgal Biotechnology and Other Novel Bioprocessing Technologies 2

Organizer(s) - Christopher Lan
Chair(s) - Jinsheng Wang, Nathalie Dubois-Calero, Quak Foo Lee

13:40 00521 Photoatutotrophic and Mixotrophic Cultivation of Green Alga Neochloris oleoabundans Using Various Carbon Sources $Wu N., Li Y., Wang B., *Lan C.
14:00 00522 High Density Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris for Use as a Feed in Biodiesel Production Debska D., *Lan C., Zhang J.
14:20 00523 Fighting Diabetes with Algae: Enhanced GAD67 Accumulation with use of the C. reinhardtii Bioreactor Brandsma M.E., *$Ma S.
14:40 00524 Use of C. reinhardtii Chloroplasts as a Novel System for Rapid and Mass Production of GLP-1 Brandsma M.E., *$Ma S.
15:00 00525 Growth-promoting Bacteria as "Helper" for Green Microalgae during Tertiary Wastewater Treatment $de-Bashan L.E., Hernandez J.P., Trejo A., Perez O., *Bashan Y.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00526 A Novel Expression Platform for the Production of Diabetes-Associated Autoantigen Human Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (hGAD65) Wang X., *$Ma S.
16:00 00527 Revisiting Plant Cell Autofluorescence for On-line Monitoring *$Sirois J., Bizier E., Cardin-Bernier G.
16:20 00528 The Application of Ionic Liquids in Biodesulfurization of Diesel by Rhodococcus rhodochrous IGTS8 Soleimani M., *Bassi A., Margaritis A.
16:40 00529 Rolling of Mozzarella Cheese and Bread Dough *$Mitsoulis E., Hatzikiriakos S.G.
17:00 End of Session

MSS3British Columbia

Renewable Raw Materials, Bioproducts and Biopolymers

Organizer(s) - Andre Tremblay
Chair(s) - Emma Master, Nese Orbey

13:40 00530 Liquefaction of Biomass in Hot Compressed Water for the Production of Phenolic Compounds *$Xu C., Tymchyshyn M.A.
14:00 00531 An Assessment of the Use of Tires as an Alternate Fuel in Cement Kilns FELS M., AMYOTTE P.R., $PEGG M.J., CUMMING C.R., *POUSHAY J.C.
14:20 00532 Liquefaction of Corn Stalk in Hot-Compressed Phenol-Water for the Production of Phenolic Resins Wang M C, Leitch M, *Xu C
14:40 00533 Catalytic Steam Reforming of Glycerol to Produce Renewable Hydrogen *$Pant K.K., Jain R. WITHDRAWN
15:00 00534 Evaluation of Fermentation By-products and Mechanical Properties of Retted Corn Fibres Extracted from a Conventional and RoundupReady® Corn Variety. *Campbell R.G., Kallweit N., Erickson L., $Legge R.L
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00535 Refining Models of Lignocellulose Biotransformation Towards Biomimetic Enzyme Applications Mahajan S., *$Master E.R.
16:00 00536 Critical Analysis of the LCA Characterization of Ethanol Production from Different Feedstocks $Ranjbar M., *Stuart P.R.
16:20 00537 Elastic Modulus of Microfibrillar Cellulose Gels *Hill R.J.
16:40 End of Session

BME3Confederation 2

Regenerative Medicine and Cell/Gene Therapy

Organizer(s) - Xudong Cao
Chair(s) - Steve Waldman, Marc Aucoin

13:40 00538 Technology to Accelerate Stem Cell Science & Engineering *$Piret J.M.
14:20 00539 Engineered Microenvironments and Control of Stem Cell Fate over Generations Verneau J., *$Jervis E.
14:40 00540 Human Preadipocytes Treated with Bone Morphogenetic Proteins in Serum-Free Conditions to Repair Bones $Lord E., Park H., Drevelle O., Bergeron E., Senta H., *Faucheux N.
15:00 00541 The Development and Validation of an Automated System for Controlled Delivery of Unstable Protein to Hematopoietic Stem Cell Culture Csaszar E., Gavigan G., Ungrin M., Miller M.E., Humphries R.K., *$Zandstra P.W.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00542 Design of a Fractionation Scheme for the Isolation of FBS Factors Stimulating the Expansion of Human Muscle Precursor Cells Waly Z., Sancén-Chaparro L.E., Lemieux L., Tremblay-Bordeleau P., Tremblay J.P., *$Garnier A.
16:00 00543 Intracellular Delivery and Phosphorylation of a Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 Reporter in Live Cells Moghaddam B., *Manceur A., $Audet J.
16:20 00544 Enhanced Retroviral Transduction Efficiency Through the Use of Cell Lysate Fractions Beauchesne P.R., Bruce K.J., Bowen B.D., *$Piret J.M.
16:40 00545 Polyploidy in Human Megakaryocytes is a Flexible Phenomenon Permissive to Mitosis Leysi-Derilou Y., Pineault N., *Duchesne C., Garnier A.
17:00 End of Session

EN4Confederation 3

Oil and Gas 2

Organizer(s) - Deepak Kirpalani
Chair(s) - Ajay Dalai, Thomas McCracken

13:40 00546 Morphology of Gas Hydrate Formation and Decomposition on Thin Water Films $Beltran J.G., *Servio P.
14:00 00547 Microwave-Assisted Production of Ethylene from Ethane Mutyala S., Fairbridge C., Ng S., Hawkins R., Bélanger J.M.R., Paré J.R.J, Bhaskar A.
14:20 00548 Evaluation of Steam and Power Production in Iran LNG Project Based on Energy, Exergy and Economics *$KHOSHGOFTAR MANESH M.O.HAMMAD, MAZHARI V.A.H.I.D
14:40 00549 Wettability Alteration of Carbonate Reservoirs with Biosurfactant Treatments *$Ghojavand H., Vahabzadeh F., Khodabandeh Shahraki A., Roayaei E.
15:00 00550 Evaluation of Performances of Gas Hydrate Kinetic Inhibitors: A Microcalorimetry Study *$Nazari K, Rahimi H, Sina M, Khodafarin R
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00551 Liquefaction technologies *$KHOSHGOFTAR MANESH MOHAMMAD, MAZHARI VAHID
16:00 00552 Renewable Energies and Process Industries Panjeshahi M.H., *Ahmadi L., Perry S.
16:20 00553 Evaluation and Comparison of Gas Turbine Performance Using in Iran LNG Project at Different Conditions *$KHOSHGOFTAR MANESH MOHAMMAD, MAZHARI VAHID
16:40 00554 The Effect of Methane Dilution and Hydrogen Partial Pressure on Hydroprocessing of Heavy Gas Oil Mapiour L., Sundaramurthy V., *$Dalai A.K., Adjaye J.
17:00 End of Session

FUN8Governor General 2

Heat and Mass Transfer 2

Organizer(s) - Poupak Mehrani, Paul Watkinson
Chair(s) - Parul Watkinson

13:40 00555 Two Level Algorithm for Monitoring and Optimization of Heat Exchanger Networks Ati U.M.K., *$Mahalec V.
14:00 00556 Membrane Facilitated Evaporative Cooling Thiané Diagne B., *Seung C., Lan C.Q.
14:20 00557 Heat Transfer in Vacuum Membrane Distillation Shemshaki F, Lan C.Q., *$Tremblay A.Y.
14:40 00558 Comparison of Auto-Thermal and Conventional Methanol Synthesis Reactor Loop in the Presence of Catalyst Deactivation Rahimpour M., *$Darzi E.
15:00 00559 Design and Optimization of Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers with Rapid Design Algorithm *Nasr M.R.J., Jafarinasr E., $Saedan M.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00560 Artificial Neural Network Modeling of the Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Passive Techniques *Nasr M.R.J., $Jafarinasr E.
16:00 00561 Experimental investigation for the effect of vibration on pool boiling heat transfer Ateshy H, *Alaei A
16:20 End of Session

PNM11Provinces 2

Thin films 2

Organizer(s) - Marc Dube, Abdellah Ajji
Chair(s) - Shiv Goyal, Abdellah Ajji

13:40 00562 Evolving Trends in Polyethylene Films: A Look at New Challenges and Opportunities *$RICHARDS C.
14:20 00563 Influence of Ambient Humidity on Polymer Interdiffusion Rate $Soleimani M., Lau W., *Winnik M.A.
14:40 00564 Development of High Toughness - High Stiffness Polyethylene Film Resin Using Dual Reactor Single Site Catalyst *$GOYAL S.K., BOPARAI M.K.
15:00 00565 The Role of Air Cooling and Chill Roll Temperature on the Lamellar Structure and Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Cast Films *Tabatabaei S.H., Carreau P.J., Ajji A.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00566 Combining NIR Spectral Imaging and Chemometrics Methods to Predict Crystallinity Spatial Distribution across Polymer Films Gosselin R., Rodrigue D., *$Duchesne C.
16:00 00567 Defect and Texture Modeling of Block-Copolymer Films *Abukhdeir N.M., Rey A.D.
16:20 End of Session

PNM8Provinces 1

Polymer Reaction Engineering 2

Organizer(s) - Marc Dube, Milan Maric, Alex Penlidis
Chair(s) - Milan Maric

13:40 00568 Industrial Processes for Novel Acrylic Block Copolymers Schmidt S.
14:20 00569 High Temperature Semibatch Free Radical Copolymerization of Glycidyl Methacrylate and Styrene $Wang W., *Hutchinson R.A.
14:40 00570 The Influence of Latex Properties on Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Performance Qie L., *$Dube M.A.
15:00 00571 Dynamic Modelling of a Continuous Reactor Train for the Industrial Production of Nitrile Rubber Washington I.D., Duever T.A., Penlidis A.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00572 Effect of Acid Protecting Group on Nitroxide-Mediated Chain Extensions with Styrene by Poly(acrylic acid-ran-styrene) Macroinitiators Lessard B., *$Maric M.
16:00 00573 Nitroxide-Mediated Thermal Polymerization of Styrene Nabifar A., McManus N.T., Vivaldo-Lima E., Lona L.M.F., *Penlidis A.
16:20 00574 Effect of Sodium Caprolactam and Diisocyanate on Anionic Polymerization of e-caprolactam Via Melt Blending Toward PA6 $Ahmadi S., Morshedian J., Hashemi S.A., Leelapornpisit W., *Carreau P.
16:40 00575 Effect of Support Alcohol Content on Catalyst Morphology and Final Polymer Powder in Propylene Polymerization Jalali Dil E., *Pourmahdian S., $Vatankhah M. WITHDRAWN
17:00 End of Session

PC4Governor General 3

Process Control 2

Organizer(s) - Deepak Kirpalani
Chair(s) - Prashant Mhaskar

13:40 00576 Fault-Tolerant Control Structure for Batch Systems Aumi S., *Mhaskar P.
14:20 00577 Segregation Parameters Characterization in a Full-scale Hopper using Near Infrared Spectroscopy *Abatzoglou N., Cartilier L., $Cournoyer A., Léonard G., Simard J.-S.
14:40 00578 Quality by Design Approach and Process Analytical Technologies Tools to Enable Pharmaceutical Liquid Product Real-time Release Simard J.-S., *Abatzoglou N., Cournoyer A., Lapointe-Garant P.-P., Caron E.
15:00 00579 Safe-Parking of Nonlinear Process Systems: Handling Uncertainty and Lack of Measurements Mahmood M., Gandhi R., *$Mhaskar P.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00580 Grey Box Modelling and Control of a Plasticating Twin Screw Extruder Iqbal M.H., *Sundararaj U., $Shah S.L.
16:00 00581 Assessing Applicability and Plus-value of Raman Spectroscopy as a Process Analytical Technologies Tool toward Pharmaceutical Solid Dose Product Real-Time Release and Cycle Time Reduction Salvas J., Simard J.-S., L.-Garant P.-P., G.-Montpetit B., *Abatzoglou N.
16:20 00582 Development of on-Line Optimization-Based Control Strategies for a Starved-Feed Semi-Batch Copolymerization Reactor Okorafo O.E., Torres L.F., Hutchinson R.A., Guay M.
16:40 00583 ANN-based Estimator for Compositions of Distillation Column $Sahraiee H., *Amidpour M.
17:00 End of Session

PSM5Theatre 1

Process Safety Education and Societal Expectations

Organizer(s) - John Shrives, Graham Creedy
Chair(s) - Graeme Norval

13:30 00584 The Control of Major Accident Hazards in Canada: Pay Now, or Pay Later? Creedy G.D.
14:00 00585 The Environmental Regulator's Perspective Shrives J.
14:30 00586 Thoughts on the Role of Education Norval G.
15:00 End of Session


Catalysis 3

Organizer(s) - Poupak Mehrani, Bryce McGarvey
Chair(s) - Jacques Monnier, Bryce McGarvey

13:40 00587 Higher Alcohols Synthesis from Syngas over K/MoS2 Catalysts Supported on Multi Walled Carbon Nano Tubes $Surisetty V., Tavasoli A., *Dalai A.
14:00 00588 Effect of Anodic Alumina Pore Diameter on Template-initiated Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes for their Application as a Catalyst Support for Hydroprocessing Sigurdson S., Vedachalam S., Dalai A.K., Adjaye J.
14:20 00589 Catalytic Cracking of Decalin over FCC Catalysts in a Mini-Fluidized CREC Riser Simulator Al-Sabawi M., de Lasa H.I.
14:40 00590 Catalytic Cracking of Thiophene under Mild Conditions: Mechanism, Thermodynamics and Kinetics Approach *$Jaimes L., de Lasa H., Ferreira M. L.
15:00 00591 Effect of regeneration time on n-butane to maleic anhydride yield in CFB redox operations *Shekari A., Patience G. S.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00592 Synthesis of Pure Zeolite Y Using Soluble Silicate, A Two-Level Factorial Experimental Design Karami D., *Rohani sohrab
16:00 00593 Study of Support Dealcoholation in Spherical Supported Ziegler-Natta Catalysts Jalali Dil E., *Pourmahdian S., $Vatankhah M. WITHDRAWN
16:20 End of Session


Reactor Technology

Organizer(s) - Poupak Mehrani
Chair(s) - Robert Hayes, Sok Yui

13:40 00594 Traditional Reaction Engineering Approaches to Fixed-Bed Hydrotreating of Bitumen-Derived Naphtha and Distillates Yui S.
14:20 00595 Higher Alcohols Production From Synthesis Gas Baril C., *Abatzoglou N.
14:40 00596 Steam Reforming of Hexadecane over Micrometric Nickel Catalysts Fauteux-Lefebvre C., Blanchard J., Gitzhofer F., *Abatzoglou N.
15:00 00597 Acid Measurements via Electrodeless Conductivity Saini R.S., *Papangelakis V.G.
15:20 End of Session

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